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    British Values, Safeguarding, Prevent

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    Code of Conduct

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    Useful Numbers

    Learning Support Team 0203 994 9550 option 4:

    • Guidance through any part of your course
    • Support to assist in the logging on process for students with access to the eLearning website
    • Guidance for students with learning needs
    • Marking and grading your worksheets for eLearning students
    • Providing advice and guidance on worksheets and case studies
    • Processing eLearning extensions to the online courses

    Sales Team 0203 994 9550 option 1:

    • Course advice
    • Advice on your next step in the fitness industry
    • Advice what courses are available and discuss what options would suit your personal educational needs.
    • Course bookings
    • Transferring or cancelling courses
    • Advice and guidance for students when unable to attend a course
    • Advice and guidance for students with medical conditions (refer to the PAR-Q)
    • Provide information on YMCAfit website
    • Gold accounts enquiries
    • In-house courses
    • Balance payments

    Programmes Team 0203 994 9550 option 3

    • Advice and guidance for students when they have been unable to attend a practical assessment
    • Advice and guidance for students who need to book a re-sit practical assessment
    • Theory assessment bookings
    • Ordering resources
    • Certificate enquiries
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        Learning Support

        Information, advice and guidance for students with a learning need.

        YMCAfit provide a wide range of support and guidance to students that have a declared learning need, supported with a Statement of Learning need. YMCAfit also provides advice and guidance for students with a declared learning need but cannot provide a Statement of Learning need and students with no declared learning need. This includes:

        • Dyslexia
        • Other Specific Learning Needs
        • Disabilities

        Below you will find useful documents that you should read prior to booking your course. These include:

        • What can be offered to students with learning needs and disabilities
        • An introduction to theory knowledge test. This should be used to check your suitability for a YMCAfit course. A good level of English (reading, written and spoken) is required to complete a YMCAfit course. If you are unsure of your level of understanding and use of the English Language you can complete the test below. 
        • Directory of Signposting Agencies
        • A list of accessible websites to useful resources
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