How do I submit my completed written assignments?

To submit a coursework assignment, please email with your work attached. Please ensure you provide the below details in the body of your email:

Full Name: 

Student ID: 

Course Code: (please enter your 6 digit course code)

Coursework Title: 

When should I submit my work?

Your learning plan will outline your deadlines for each assignment

What happens if I don’t submit my work within the deadline?

You are required to continuously engage and progress in your studies. Failure to meet deadlines and remain engaged can put you at risk of course withdrawal with no achievement. Please contact us, if you feel you are unable to meet a deadline or have any extenuating circumstances affecting your studies.

What happens to my work once I have submitted it?

Your work will go into a queue and YMCAfit aim to allocate out all work within 48hrs, once your work has been received it will be allocated out to one of our remote assessors and you will receive an email confirming this.

How long does it take to mark the work?

YMCAfit have a marking turnaround time of four weeks.

How do I receive my results?

You will get an email confirming your result and a separate email confirming your feedback.

How do I submit a resubmission?

The same way you initial submitted your first attempt. You should resubmit any work within 4 weeks or sooner.

Are their remarking fees?

Yes, these are listed within your terms and conditions which was attached to your course confirmation email you received when you booked your course with YMCAfit.

How do I pay a remarking fee?

You will need to call the Learning Support Team on 0203 994 9550 and press option 4, you can pay by card over the phone. Please ensure you have resubmitted your work first before calling so we can confirm we have received your work before taking payment.

Last modified: Friday, 13 May 2022, 10:44 AM