How do I create my account?

Please use “Your YMCAfit ELearning Information” email, open up the attachment and follow for guidance.

How do I enroll on to my course theory units?

Please follow the attached guidelines within “Your YMCAfit Elearning Information” email.

Is there a time limit for me to create and account and enroll onto my theory units?

Yes, you should create your account and give yourself access to the theory units as soon as possible after receiving your course confirmation and eLearning information emails. If you do not receive these emails please contact the Learning Support Team on 0203 994 9550 and press option 4.

Where do I find the enrolment keys?

The enrolment keys are within the eLearning information attachment at the top of the document under the title “Key Information”.

What do I do if my enrolment keys do not work?

Double check you are entering the correct enrolment key for the correct course and check you have copied the enrolment key provided exactly when entering it.

If your enrolment keys still doesn’t work, please contact the Learning Support Team on 0203 994 9550  and press option 4.

Do I have to be logged in to access my theory units online?


What do I do if I have forgotten my login details?

Please contact the Learning Support Team on 0203 994 9550 and press option 4.

What do I do if my presentations won’t play past the first slide?

We recommend Google Chrome as the web browser to run the course. Adobe Flash is not mandatory when viewing in Google Chrome, but may offer a smoother viewing experience. If you need to use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (not recommended), it must be version 8 or later and you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.

 We recommend the following requirements when viewing the content from a mobile device:

  • Apple iOS – Safari browser in Apple iOS7 or later on iPad.
  • Google Android – Google Chrome browser in Android OS 4.1 and later.

Apple or Mac devices:

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